Ammolite opalised fossil Noire
Ammolite opalised fossil Noire
Ammolite opalised fossil Noire

Ammolite opalised fossil Noire

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 Ammolite opalised fossil:

Vitality ~ Transformation ~ Life force

 Ammolite opalised fossil is the fossil of an extinct marine animal and is often compared to a ram's horn. It's is a physical reminder that life energy never truly disappears: it just transmutes in to a different form. This powerful stone may help its owner find their way down the twists and turns of their spiritual path and is especially helpful to those interested in their past live. 

A unique Antique Brass and hand made hammered Copper black patina chain with Ammolite opalised fossil pendant.

Pendant height: 1 Inches; Pendant width: 1 1/4 Inches

Necklace Length: 23"
Chain material: Antique Brass and copper black patina 

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