Gemstone Properties



Health, longevity, confidence, balance, calming to emotions, strength, courage, patience, peace, abundance. Provides protection when travelling. May aid in sex drive, digestive system, blood disorders




Creativity, communication, clarity of thought, balanced and calm emotions. Eliminates aggravation and dispels irritating and negative energies. Rejuvenates the heart centre and throat chakra, enhances communication concerning love. May aid nervous system, metabolism, osteoporosis




Creativity, memory, motivation, courage, focusing attention and intuition. Self love. May aid the endocrine and immune systems. Fantastic for any sleep problems including nightmares and migraines




Creativity and self expression, overcoming fear, tolerance, clarity and emotional stability. May aid in cleansing organs, eyes, ears, neck, throat and helps with fluid retention. Calms nerves




Balance yin and yang energies, intelligence, perception, independence, peace, luck and money. May aid mental, emotional and physical bodies, migraines, muscles, tissues and bones. Strengthen the will and brings a sense of purpose




Physical and mental vitality, clarity, balance, strength, wisdom. May aid bloodstream, bleeding problems, varicose veins, depression, psychosomatic illnesses. Powerful healing stone




Emotionally balancing, peace, harmony, gives energy and comfort when needed. Great stone for new beginnings. May aid entire body, especially good for fever, inflammation, negative emotions, heartbreak. All mental, physical and spiritual problems.




Motivation, clarity, expression, decision making. Very protective stone on all levels. May aid lower back problems, lungs, reproductive organs, PMT, self esteem, happiness




Balance between mind, body and spirit, calm, peace, hostility, anger, communication, psychic work, nightmares. May aid eyes, blood circulation, open sores, lactation, spleen, gallbladder




Connection between head and heart, understanding life’s lessons, helps to let go of issues, brings about best outcomes, grief, anger, guilt, fear, rage. May aid hormones, nervous system, insomnia, hearing problems




Inner peace and strength, tranquility, serenity, wisdom, acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, May aid throat, thyroid, expression of feelings, asthma, diabetes, draws out fever




Fertility in both sexes, memory, attitudes of any kind, perception, stress, inner growth. May aid depression, neurotic behaviour, high blood pressure. A stone to help focus on the future




Sleep disorders and nightmares, psychic awareness and ability, cleanses vibrations around you. Very protective stone. May aid heart, kidneys, liver, muscles and digestive system




Concentration, intuitive powers, analytical abilities, spiritual awareness. May aid mental disorders, stress, blood vessels, spleen, arthritis, rheumatism, lower pack pain




Healing, balancing, divination, deepens connection between spirit and body. Very protective and grounding stone. Carry with you to prevent you from taking on others troubles




Protecting of upper chakras, cleanses the aura, enhances appreciation of all things. Purifies the blood, reduces phlegm. Loving and calming stone. May aid bones, teeth. Good stone to stop procrastination




Enhances peace, serenity, wisdom, memory, emotional balance, clarity, removal of negative energies, grief, expressive abilities. May aid cleansing system and organs, toxin removal, heart. Stone for health, wealth and longevity. The luck stone




Mental processes, endurance, balance on all levels, stability, assertiveness, sensitivity. May aid in cleansing organs, depression, confidence and encouraging




Higher consciousness, patience, balance and protection of aura, telepathy and meditation. Assists change when needed, provide clarity to the inner sight providing an inner peace. It promotes synthesis of intellectual thought with the intuitive, mystical and psychic wisdom. May aid lymphatic system, nervous system, liver and digestion.


Lapis Lazuli


Creative expression, thought amplification, intellect, enlightenment, balance on all levels, ridding of negative emotions, fidelity. Helps with psychic abilities, protection, mental cleanser. May aid immune system, depression, stomach pains, sore throat




Balancing and calming of the emotions and mind. Peace, harmony, luck, money, ability to let go and start anew. Great for letting go of addictions. May aid muscles, nerves, digestion. Clears the mind




Expression, patience, physical endurance, inner peace, intuitiveness, emotional clarity, sleep, success, power and love. May aid stress, glands, cramp prevention, arthritis




Balance between inner and outer experiences. Promotes desire to face and calmness to withstand new experiences. Helps balance the yin yang energies and balance physical, emotional and intellectual bodies with the etheric energies. May aid in the treatment of tissue deterioration and internal organs. Also helps with kidneys, spleen, bladders, liver and stomach




Calming, feminine, intuition, psychic abilities, attraction of love, friendship, loyalty, sleep, confidence, balanced emotions. May aid reproductive organs, digestive system, water retention, hormones




Connection between mind and emotions, clearance of subconscious blocks, grounding, protects, dispersal of negative energies and fear. Masculine stone


Quartz Clear


Balancing, good for transmitting and receiving energy, self worth, self esteem, clarity, peace, harmony. Grounding stone. All over body healing stone. Great for people with anger and tension


Quartz Rose


Imagination, intellect, compassion, harmony, calming, confidence, balancing, love for self and others. Promotes forgiveness and friendship. May aid migraines, organs, fertility, reproductive organs, sexual and emotional imbalances, stress and cancer. Powerful all purpose stone


Quartz Rutilated


Life force energy, problem solving, stability, insight, energy. May aid brain functions, depression, immunity, tissue regeneration, breathing problems. Very powerful healing stone


Quartz Smoky


Dream awareness, mood elevation, relaxation, Kundalini energy, cleanses and protects astral fields, grounding. May aid depression, negative energies, hyperactivity. Very powerful healing stone




Self esteem, confidence, calming, memory, tenderness, peace, love, ability to let go of past issues, ability to face new things. May aid incoherency, central nervous system, hearing, anger, tension




Calms the nerves, concentration, mental clarity, will power, reconciliation, awareness at all levels. May aid bones, teeth, brains. Great stone for cleansing your energies and energies of others. Transmutes negative energy into positive. Doesn’t need cleansing




Works with Kundalini and all spiritual energies. A major stone for enhancing meditation and visualisation. Provides direction in problem solving, restores self confidence, enhances will power, dispels fear, aligns the astral and emotional bodies. May aid muscles, tension, nervous system




Spiritual awareness, communication, clarity, balancing, courage, sleep. Great decision making stone. May aid metabolism, blood pressure, emotional illness, headaches. Great stone for oversensitive or defensive people


Tiger Eye


Self confidence, mental focus, energy centering, yin and yang energies, perception, divination, money, luck, protection, intuition. May aid hypochondria, eye diseases, stubbornness, unwanted emotions. Brings ideas to reality




Tranquillity, disperses negativity, sleep, strength of mind and body, inspiration, concentration, calms nerves, charisma, integration. May aid all systems, fear, negativity, fertility, generic disorders, cancer, immune system. Powerful healing stone




Peace of mind, psychic abilities, communication, balances chakra, problem solving, study, protection. May aid headaches, eyes, fever, circulation, alcoholism, negativity, nervous system. Tones and strengthens the entire body. This stone should always be given as a gift and never purchased for self




Balance, emotions and insight. stone of vision. Placed on the third eye chakra it opens and promotes visualization and psychic vision, spiritual and psychological growth. May aid recovery from major illness, reproductive system, healthy pregnancy, growth of skin tissue and hair. Facilitates the health and protection of an unborn child


Zebra Stone


Connection to mother earth and to the infinite energy and love that is in the universe. These connections can show us our true inner self and help us see past whatever illusions we tell ourselves. It provides protection of the aura and enhances stamina. A great stone to assist with bone disorders, arthritis or osteoporosis and strengthens the teeth. Also said to assist with heart palpitations and muscle spasms.

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