Is copper jewelry durable?

Copper is an extremely durable metal and is often used in products designed to last a very long time, such as building wire, water pipes, and tube fittings. As jewelry, copper will last a lifetime or longer, when cared for properly. Copper is sometimes used as a base for jewelry on top of which another metal is plated, such as silver or platinum.

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Copper Health Benefits

copper Health Benefits

Did you know that copper is an important mineral for the human body? Just like zinc and iron, we need to have the right amount of copper in our bodies too and there is such a thing as copper deficiency. Copper deficiency occurs when there is a lack of intake of foods rich in copper or when other factors prevents your body from absorbing copper from your food. By wearing copper jewelry, the body is sometimes able to absorb small amounts of copper into your system. Interestingly, your body generally only absorbs just the amount it requires and not more....

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Copper and Green Skin

copper green Skin

One fact about copper that sometimes puts people off wearing copper jewlery is that copper sometimes tends to turn skin green. The reason this occurs is because the metal oxidizes and reacts with the sweat from your body, creating copper chelates. While pure copper cannot be absorbed by the skin, copper chelates can. The excess copper that isn’t absorbed by your skin is what turns your skin green. The good news is that, unlike some silver staining, green copper stains are not permanent. Simply wash it off with ordinary soap and water. If you maintain your copper jewelry and clean...

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How to Store Copper?

Store Copper

Before storing your copper, make sure that the copper jewelry has been dried thoroughly. Because exposure to air and moisture is what causes copper to tarnish, always store copper in a cool, dry area. Place the copper jewelry in an airtight bag, such as a plastic Ziploc bag, as this will reduce the interaction of the copper with air, slowing down the rate of tarnish. If you can find some, wrap your copper jewelry in anti-tarnish paper before you seal it away. Avoid wearing copper jewelry when exposed to chemicals such as chlorine in swimming pools, or household detergents. Even...

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How to Clean Copper with Commercial Copper Cleaner?

clean copper

When buying a commercial cleaner, take care as these may be too harsh to be used on copper, and can scratch your copper rather than making it shine. It’s recommended to buy a cleaner that has been specifically made for use on copper. Copper cleaners are ideal for highly tarnished pieces. Follow the instructions on the cleaner and rub the piece with a soft cloth until the copper gleams again.

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